For over 40 years, Auckland Concrete Cutter’s aim has been to provide the best possible service in all areas of Concrete Cutting and drilling supported by our highly trained and reliable Operators and Contractors.

We are happy to engage in all forms of concrete cutting from residential foundation cuts, to drilling on commercial or industrial sites.

Auckland Concrete Cutters aim to provide the same service to all our clients whether large or small and focus open understanding our clients requirements and timelines, however constrained.

With our ongoing training and reassessments we aim to deliver the best possible result on site and offer a prompt and friendly response to all customer’s requests and loyalty to our exclusive long term Customer’s will always be a priority.


Concrete Cutting
Concrete of all types can be cut using diamond saw blade, ranging from new to mature, containing light or heavy steel reinforcing.  Fast and efficiently we can flat cut 300 mm (12 inches) either for removal or to a pre-determined depth.

Doors and windows can be cut out of existing walls without disturbing the complete wall.  Diamond saw cutting offers management many other advantages including speed and efficiency, minimum disruption, damage or mess on the project.  Road cutting asphalt or concrete can successfully be cut ensuring only minimum damage to road surface.


  • Construction expansion joints cut
  • Concrete cut for removal
  • Drains in existing floors
  • Pre-stressed slabs
  • Chase cutting – pipes & cables
  • Lift openings
  • Windows and doors cut in existing walls
  • Roads – joints –  bench cuts


Concrete Drilling
This is a particularly useful service to engineers and plant managers requiring holes for pipe work as well as offering considerable time and cost savings to engineers and others installing new or additional plant and equipment, ideal for setting anchor bolts. We can core drill a wide range of sizes up to 455 mm (18 inches).


  • Pipe work
  • Anchor bolts
  • Crash barrier posts / bridges / roadways
  • Test cores
  • Fans etc


  • Electric Cutting
  • Hydraulic Cutting
  • Decorative cutting
  • Chase Cutting
  • Breaking

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